September 2022 News- Register your .au domain

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Register your .au domain

Priority access to register your domain name is available up until 9:59am AEST on 21st September 2022, if you are registering:

  • an exact match of your existing domain name, including or; and
  • you held your domain name prior to 24th March 2022

If you do not register the direct match of your existing domain for the direct .au domain, your risk your brand equity being consumed by someone else, rivals redirecting your clients to their products and services, squatters holding the domain, or cybercriminals impersonating your business.

Once the deadline passes, the .au direct domain name will be available to anyone with a connection to Australia to register from 8:00am AEDT on the 4th October 2022.

How to sell your business

The 2 key components in the sale of a business:

  • Structuring the transaction
  • Positioning the business to the market

Structuring is about ensuring the vendors secure the most efficient and effective outcome from the sale. Structuring the transaction includes:

  • Pricing the business
  • Terms and conditions attached to the sale
  • Key terms in contract
  • Ensuring the transaction structure if as tax effective as possible

Positioning the business for sale is about ensuring that you achieve a sale and maximise your price. It includes areas such as:

  • Ensuring there are no hurdles within the business that will limit sale ability
  • Identifying the competitive position of the business within its market segment
  • Ensuring that operating performance is optimal
  • Business benchmarks well in its market

Acquiring collectibles inside your SMSF

Are you curious as to what assets your SMSF can acquire?

To be compliant, your fund must be maintained for the sole purposes of providing retirement benefits to members, or to their dependents if a member dies before retirement. If the collectible your are looking to acquire does not fulfil this purpose, then you’ve likely to run in to trouble. Refer to the sole purpose test (section 62 of the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993) for more information.

The sole purpose tests also extends to how the collectible is managed once acquired. The members (or their associates) cannot use or enjoy the asset in any way.

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